Homeworld of the Vsholef .

Physical DescriptionEdit

Vshole is three fifths the size of Earth.  Two thirds of the planet is land primarily located on a single continent, the remaining third is covered by water, mostly ocean. To the west of the continent a small archipelago of islands is the only forested part of the planet.

Mountains are prevalent, with some savannah.  The far eastern quarter of the continent is mostly desert.


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Adolara is the largest moon of Vshole.


Argisal is the name of both a state and it's capital city.  The state is the largest state on Vshole, the city is the largest city in the state.  


Mashouah is a nation to the south of Argisal.  Until recently Mashouah and Argisal have been at war with each other, and the truce between the two is tenuous to say the least.


A Mashouf is a resident of Mashouah.


is a small settlement to the north of the city of Argisal