The following list of characters are non-Vsholef in nature.  Just what are they, though???



Coe Zadra is the First Mate of the EMV Tortugas Gleam.  He is also the partner of the ship's captain, Swink.  While injured in the breakup of the Tortugas Gleam, he survives the crash.  He is 3 years Swink's junior.


Nikaniki Newmann is the only surviving woman from the crew of the EMV Tortugas Gleam.  As the Chief Engineer of the vessel, she is eldest of the crew.  She views the breakup of the Tortugas as being her fault.  Upon discovery of the full impact of the breakup, she breaks down mentally.  It may be this perceived insanity that ultimately saves the remaining crew members.


Swink is one of the narrators of the story, a prisoner of the Vsholef Warriors.  Swink is a nickname or call sign, however his full name is not (currently?) known.  Before being imprisoned Swink was captain of a small merchant vessel, the EMV Tortugas Gleam.  At 34, he is of average age for a merchant ship captain.

His crew consisted of 8 people.  Four initially survive the event leading up to their capture by the Vsholef.  One dies soon after.


Tzen is the younger brother of Swink.  Tzen is also a nickname.  Tzen is the youngest member of the Tortugas' crew.  He dies soon after capture as the result of injuries sustained in the breakup of the Tortugas Gleam.

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